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A luxury range of dog clothing and accessories


Catapulting Onto The Dogwalk


Welcome to the launch of Miss Teddy where designing for the discernible dog is what we live for.

You only have to go and read “about me” on my website to know that I don’t just wear ‘off the peg’ clothes and the total frustration of trying to find quality dog clothing and accessories led me to starting my own fashion emporium so that my loveable fur balls can also “Take A Walk On The Styled Side”

What can I say? Beauty deserves company!

And, at Miss Teddy we have tried and tested, re-vamped and re-designed, snagged and snared, thought outside the box of tricks and come up with our own special kind of magic that jets the dog-wear business into first class pizazz!

You’re welcome!

Take Our Fido Test! 

Every dog has its day and each day can be a blissful delight if you’re dressed to face it. Now, not every pooch can pull off a tantalising tutu in the same way that not every dog can sport a bandana like a smoking hot buckaroo. Style has to be fitting to one’s character in order to pull it off with style. One coat does not fit all, my darlings. 

In order to help you pull your personality into your pants, we took the time to psychoanalyse every single dogster on the planet to design the perfect fit so you can 'Find Your Fido’


Take a look at our dog categories:

Are you a Glam Pooch with thing for bling?

A City Slicker with a penchant for pawfection?

Does your Dog-Eared coolness have you looking for your groove?

Or are you outside getting dirty with your Country Cousins?

Can your Friends of Dogothy march with pride for your fashion statement?

Or are you one of Ted’s pups that needs a bit of Miss Teddy direction?

Which category best fits your look, your wagger-swagger and reveals your canine divine? 


Paws For Thought

And once you’ve found your true inner-self, take time to peruse our collections and the many glorious outfits you can now have in your doggy-drobe.

Remember that summer is fading away, the cooler weather is breathing in and demanding you  wrap up in style on those long crispy walks.

What’s your Autumnal look? Will you be brilliant in bolds?  Growling in golds? Or going polka-dotty with an eclectic selection?

Which outfit will you fall for?

Every Picture Tells A Story 

Obviously, we’d love to know here at Miss Teddy so please take a photograph of yourself in your recent purchases where our best dressed “Tail Trenders” will be a featured ‘star of the day’ on our Facebook or Instagram page!

So get snapping!  But not at the postman! Grrr….

Next month I have some very exciting news and offers that will just…. well you’ll have to wait and see.


Endless puppy love,

Miss Teddy