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A Sunday Well Spent


One of my favourite sayings is ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ which is why I love spending my Sunday’s wrapped up in my amazing super soft towel and just chilling out.

This last week was a super busy one, first of all I went back to school for the new year – and although I think I look super cute in my uniform and my glasses I was dog tired by the end of that first lng week.

Thankfully Friday was a non-uniform day and I could try out my new outfit to celebrate the start of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC – an amazing tutu studded with sparkles… and if you know anything about me as a glam pooch you’ll know I love to sparkle!

So Saturday saw me having a bubble bath and relaxing and then Sunday saw me unwinding even more. Just need to get on and sort my blowdry out so I’m ready and raring to go for next week; where I’ll be taking another walk on the styed side.

Strictly between Us


Strictly between us but I wanted to let you in on my pampering secrets…

I cannot tell you how barking mad with excitement I am about the new series of Strictly Come Dancing starting soon- I love the dresses and sparkles and just thinking about getting my cha-cha on inspired me to get a makeover!

As far as I’m concerned the most important accessory a paw-fect pooch can have is confidence but it doesn’t hurt to have a little pamper and bling too!!

So all ready to get foxy-to-trot I checked in to XXX Salon to have the most awesome pamper and make sure I looked my best.

From the rollers to the back massage this service was everything a pampered pooch could want and I felt on cloud nine as I quickstepped my way to the mirror for the big reveal...

In my waltz-perfect tutu with super soft locks I looked dance floor ready and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a perfect 10 from me!

If you wanted to look at cute as me you can shop for a matching tutu on my website at