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Hi, welcome to Miss Teddy’s blog

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The Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!


Watch Miss Teddy reciting the whole exciting adventure HERE or read below to find out all about the Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!

An advent calendar for two friends to share,

One go for Miss Teddy and her pal Ted the bear.

Miss Teddy is gracious, giving Ted the first window,

And his eyes light up with a chocolatey-yum glow!


And now it’s the 2nd and Miss Teddy’s day!

She opens the window and to her dismay,

Finds the chocolate is missing when it should be hers,

Is this a mistake? Or something much worse?


When they open up 3 they find just the same,

Is this some kind of prank or pitiful game?

Where is the chocolate that should be right here?

Has the Grinch gone and stole it with Christmassy cheer?


After some thinking who might be the the culprit,

The pair both decide it’s the other ‘whodunit’.

They both have a fall-out, some huffs and some sniffing,

Both very upset that their chocolates are missing!


Miss Teddy decides they must surely enlist,

The help of the man with the true Christmas list.

She tells the whole story to dear Santa Claus,

Who says he will try and help with their cause.


Miss Teddy and Ted both make amends,

Because chocolate is not as important as friends.

So off they both trot to the big Aldi shop,

To replace their choc advent calendar box.


And then right between the peppers and shallots,

Up jumped a veggie called Kevin the Carrot,

Saying, “Santa has called me and told of your grief,

And I’m here to help capture your chocolatey thief!”


All three go on home and put up the tree,

Whilst discussing who they think the villain might be.

And hiding ‘tween the branches paying heed to their hardship,

Is none other than Pascal the wickedest Parsnip!





Pascal waits patient ‘till all fall asleep,

Then out of the tinselly branches does creep,

He knocks off the baubles and tears down the lights

Hoping this will cause Kevin and Teds’ quite a fright!


Ted wakes up shouting, “Oh dear! Look at me!”

I seem to have turned into the Christmassy tree!”

Miss Teddy and Kevin’s mouths both drop ajar,

For this has now gone beyond a chocolatey war.


"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

Take us to Santa cos this problem needs fixing!

In a jingle-bell sleigh they flew through the skies,

Looking very much forward to Christmas mince pies!


Said Santa, “I’ll help you but you must help me,

And become little elves number 1,2 and 3,

Off to the workshop, get making some toys,

for all of those well behaved nice girls and boys!”


They worked very hard in a manner most pleasant,

That Santa rewarded them three with a present,

All wrapped up with with paper and colourful twining,

That they could rip open first thing in the morning.


Ted woke up Miss Teddy cos he couldn’t wait,

Even though it was only a quarter to eight.

And once they had all torn their paper away,

Twas A Christmas jumper each for this special day!


They went to thank Santa and sat on his knee,

And he told them he’d uncovered the sweet mystery,

That he knew from the start who had been to blame,

And somebody’s face went as red as a flame…


It was Ted all along who’d scoffed all the choccies,

Because eating a lot was one of his hobbies,

Santa said it was naughty for him to tell lies,

And he must go to Miss Teddy and apologise.


This adventure, he thought had made it quite clear,

Good friends are something you want to hold dear,

So with elves and some magic and a shake of a hand.

Ted gifted Miss Teddy with her own chocolate brand!