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My Playdate with Chewie!


I think I’ve told you before how much I love meeting new people (and dogs of course) and getting out and about on my adventures. Well nothing could make me happier than having friends over for a play date.

Recently I had Chewie the Wookie over to play and we had so so much fun- trying on different outfits and setting up different photographs – I think you’ll see by looking at some of the images how much fun we had and what a great pair we make!

Chewie is one of my best friends and I hope he comes round to play again soon!

Chewie Playdate Blog.png

Making New Friends


I love learning about new things so much – especially if it means I can get out and make new friends. Recently I met some new people for some different reasons…

Firstly there were the cute birds in my mummy’s garden when I was trying to work out what this bird cage craze was all about. They were super nice but it was hard to make conversation with the blindfold on!


Then there were the adorable squirrels on National Squirrel Day when I was finding out so many super facts about fluffy tree climbers – did you know that there are over 200 species of squirrel… that just nuts!


And I also got inspired when I was hanging out with my friend Polar Bear – she always wears a crown because she’s such a princess and that meant that Ithought I’d give away a pretty tutu and matching crown to one of my lucky followers!

Polar Bear.jpg

Life can be so exciting when you make new friends!

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas


Nothing packs a punch like a pooch jumping out of a box!  Especially if it’s a beautiful Maltipoo like me!  I mean really, what gift could be better than that? Aside from something desirable from the the top fashion houses to slip into, there is nothing more delightful than the patter of tiny paws and the smell of a puppy to make you jump about in delight.  That can make you more gaga than the three glasses of sherry you had for your Christmas Day breakfast. Shhh… I won’t tell anyone!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s very easy to think of giving a pet as gift for Christmas because our defences are down:  we are more pliable and forgiving due to the nostalgia that the Christmas period brings about.  We want to please people and make them happy; maybe if you’ve a child who has been pleading for a dog all year you’re more inclined to give in because the act of making wishes come true seems magical. Perhaps you’ve an older relative who is lonely and you think they would relish a loveable companion. Or, you just think that a dog would complete your situation and/or family, creating the picture box perfect.  Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more and it tells the recipient that you were thinking about them and Yuletide is a time when fluffy buddies seem to be the perfect present.



That’s At Least Ten Years And Not Ten Minutes

We’ve all heard this well known phrase which has been used by the Dog’s Trust and been promoting pet issues around the festive season since 1978.

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” was created by Clarissa Baldwin, the then-Chief Executive of The National Canine Defence League all the way back in the seventies.  Some 40 years ago dog ownership and responsibility was a very different ball game (excuse the pun) and buying a dog from a shop there and then was easy.  No background checks were made to consider suitability and there wasn’t the readily available information that we have today on how to care for an animal.

During the 70’s and 80’s, dog rescue centres and rehoming shelters would see a dramatic rise in the amount of dogs that adopted into new homes during December, and then an increased peak in the number of dogs returned in January - March.  Whilst those numbers have decreased since promoting awareness there are still those that succumb to the notion that a ‘dog-in-a-box’ will make the most wonderful gift. 


Commitment to the Cur!

Whilst owning a dog is the most wonderful thing don’t for one second think it’s easy going.  Dogs take a lot of training and hours of commitment along with a great deal of responsibility on your part. Whilst it might seem very cute and adorable to open a box with a heart melting pup inside, that dog is going to need an awful lot of your time.

What can I say? We’re a needy creature!

Are you ready to have accidental puddles on your carpet, your new favourite shoes used a chew toy and still keep your patience?

Can you afford the initial vet bills for boosters and training classes?  And, don’t just think that there’s an initial cost and then it’s just a few quid here and there: a dog typically costs between £21,000 - £33,000 over a lifetime of about ten years.

Have you considered that the breed is suitable for your lifestyle? Are you able to exercise it enough? Do you work full time, and if so, can you pay for someone to look after your dog when you’re not there?

There are a plethora of things to consider before taking the leap of commitment and particularly not making that judgement call for somebody else.

Along with the joy of owning a pet comes a lot of stress, hard work and  considerable time and effort. 


Points Make Prizes

Now that I’ve made my pooch point on being a responsible dog owner I’d like to talk about other kinds of presents. I can’t wait to get some of my beautiful things to wear and I hope you have something special coming to you from the Miss Teddy Range!  And, just because I don’t want any of my furry friends to miss out, I will be giving a 20% discount on Boxing Day so be sure to visit my online store!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to sharing 2019 with all of you too!  

Miss Teddy x

Something for every dog


Miss Teddy has something for every type of dog, we’re not just all about the Glam Girls…

Miss Teddy started as a brand for pretty princess pups but we know that not every pooch is a glamour pup and here at Miss Teddy we recognise that there’s a niche for each dog on the block and that’s why we have six different categories in our range to work with every kind of dog breed and canine personality.  Whilst one might look cute in a Swarovski choker, that isn’t going to suit the city stylish broker who’s look is a more streamlined street smart.  The City Dog is its own kind of breed with an about town style and panache that is urbanised to the environment and suiting dogs of all sizes from small to large.

Our Country Cousins are another walk aside as they have the freedom of the land and a style that is akin to nature and warmth so durability and the country vibe are needed in this hounds field. The dog-eared dingo might find himself better suited to the hippy in his hoppity and we wouldn’t want to put a block on his Woodstock!  So power to the flower and bring in the pink to our Friends of Dogothy who we want to see marching their muttley pride.  Whatever your dog’s desire, even from a new pup trying to find their way to walk on the styled side, we have something for every K-9 on the corner.

A Sunday Well Spent


One of my favourite sayings is ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ which is why I love spending my Sunday’s wrapped up in my amazing super soft towel and just chilling out.

This last week was a super busy one, first of all I went back to school for the new year – and although I think I look super cute in my uniform and my glasses I was dog tired by the end of that first lng week.

Thankfully Friday was a non-uniform day and I could try out my new outfit to celebrate the start of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC – an amazing tutu studded with sparkles… and if you know anything about me as a glam pooch you’ll know I love to sparkle!

So Saturday saw me having a bubble bath and relaxing and then Sunday saw me unwinding even more. Just need to get on and sort my blowdry out so I’m ready and raring to go for next week; where I’ll be taking another walk on the styed side.

Strictly between Us


Strictly between us but I wanted to let you in on my pampering secrets…

I cannot tell you how barking mad with excitement I am about the new series of Strictly Come Dancing starting soon- I love the dresses and sparkles and just thinking about getting my cha-cha on inspired me to get a makeover!

As far as I’m concerned the most important accessory a paw-fect pooch can have is confidence but it doesn’t hurt to have a little pamper and bling too!!

So all ready to get foxy-to-trot I checked in to XXX Salon to have the most awesome pamper and make sure I looked my best.

From the rollers to the back massage this service was everything a pampered pooch could want and I felt on cloud nine as I quickstepped my way to the mirror for the big reveal...

In my waltz-perfect tutu with super soft locks I looked dance floor ready and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a perfect 10 from me!

If you wanted to look at cute as me you can shop for a matching tutu on my website at

Picnic Pooch

Skylight Media

Miss Teddy - Teddy's Adventures 2.png


If you go down to the river today, you’re sure of a big surprise,

Cos taking a walk on the styled side, pretty Miss Teddy’s been spied.

Enjoying a picnic with plenty of fizz, eating her cakes and looking the biz!

There is nothing I love more than showing off my sparkly accessories in the sunshine and what better way to do that than at a riverside picnic! Now I’ll admit that with all this beautiful sunshine I’ve been getting a little hot under the collar lately so the gentle breeze by the water was an utterly perfect way to paws and reflect.

I took along my pink gingham blanket and my amazing softest, fluffiest pink throw from my own range (just in case it got a bit nippy!) Then with my picnic basket packed with doggy treats I headed off to the riverside. Look how peaceful it looked in the photo, relaxing in the peace and quiet.

All that I need now is my Prince Charming to be here too whining and dining me!