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A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas


Nothing packs a punch like a pooch jumping out of a box!  Especially if it’s a beautiful Maltipoo like me!  I mean really, what gift could be better than that? Aside from something desirable from the the top fashion houses to slip into, there is nothing more delightful than the patter of tiny paws and the smell of a puppy to make you jump about in delight.  That can make you more gaga than the three glasses of sherry you had for your Christmas Day breakfast. Shhh… I won’t tell anyone!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s very easy to think of giving a pet as gift for Christmas because our defences are down:  we are more pliable and forgiving due to the nostalgia that the Christmas period brings about.  We want to please people and make them happy; maybe if you’ve a child who has been pleading for a dog all year you’re more inclined to give in because the act of making wishes come true seems magical. Perhaps you’ve an older relative who is lonely and you think they would relish a loveable companion. Or, you just think that a dog would complete your situation and/or family, creating the picture box perfect.  Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more and it tells the recipient that you were thinking about them and Yuletide is a time when fluffy buddies seem to be the perfect present.



That’s At Least Ten Years And Not Ten Minutes

We’ve all heard this well known phrase which has been used by the Dog’s Trust and been promoting pet issues around the festive season since 1978.

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” was created by Clarissa Baldwin, the then-Chief Executive of The National Canine Defence League all the way back in the seventies.  Some 40 years ago dog ownership and responsibility was a very different ball game (excuse the pun) and buying a dog from a shop there and then was easy.  No background checks were made to consider suitability and there wasn’t the readily available information that we have today on how to care for an animal.

During the 70’s and 80’s, dog rescue centres and rehoming shelters would see a dramatic rise in the amount of dogs that adopted into new homes during December, and then an increased peak in the number of dogs returned in January - March.  Whilst those numbers have decreased since promoting awareness there are still those that succumb to the notion that a ‘dog-in-a-box’ will make the most wonderful gift. 


Commitment to the Cur!

Whilst owning a dog is the most wonderful thing don’t for one second think it’s easy going.  Dogs take a lot of training and hours of commitment along with a great deal of responsibility on your part. Whilst it might seem very cute and adorable to open a box with a heart melting pup inside, that dog is going to need an awful lot of your time.

What can I say? We’re a needy creature!

Are you ready to have accidental puddles on your carpet, your new favourite shoes used a chew toy and still keep your patience?

Can you afford the initial vet bills for boosters and training classes?  And, don’t just think that there’s an initial cost and then it’s just a few quid here and there: a dog typically costs between £21,000 - £33,000 over a lifetime of about ten years.

Have you considered that the breed is suitable for your lifestyle? Are you able to exercise it enough? Do you work full time, and if so, can you pay for someone to look after your dog when you’re not there?

There are a plethora of things to consider before taking the leap of commitment and particularly not making that judgement call for somebody else.

Along with the joy of owning a pet comes a lot of stress, hard work and  considerable time and effort. 


Points Make Prizes

Now that I’ve made my pooch point on being a responsible dog owner I’d like to talk about other kinds of presents. I can’t wait to get some of my beautiful things to wear and I hope you have something special coming to you from the Miss Teddy Range!  And, just because I don’t want any of my furry friends to miss out, I will be giving a 20% discount on Boxing Day so be sure to visit my online store!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to sharing 2019 with all of you too!  

Miss Teddy x

The Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!


Watch Miss Teddy reciting the whole exciting adventure HERE or read below to find out all about the Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!

An advent calendar for two friends to share,

One go for Miss Teddy and her pal Ted the bear.

Miss Teddy is gracious, giving Ted the first window,

And his eyes light up with a chocolatey-yum glow!


And now it’s the 2nd and Miss Teddy’s day!

She opens the window and to her dismay,

Finds the chocolate is missing when it should be hers,

Is this a mistake? Or something much worse?


When they open up 3 they find just the same,

Is this some kind of prank or pitiful game?

Where is the chocolate that should be right here?

Has the Grinch gone and stole it with Christmassy cheer?


After some thinking who might be the the culprit,

The pair both decide it’s the other ‘whodunit’.

They both have a fall-out, some huffs and some sniffing,

Both very upset that their chocolates are missing!


Miss Teddy decides they must surely enlist,

The help of the man with the true Christmas list.

She tells the whole story to dear Santa Claus,

Who says he will try and help with their cause.


Miss Teddy and Ted both make amends,

Because chocolate is not as important as friends.

So off they both trot to the big Aldi shop,

To replace their choc advent calendar box.


And then right between the peppers and shallots,

Up jumped a veggie called Kevin the Carrot,

Saying, “Santa has called me and told of your grief,

And I’m here to help capture your chocolatey thief!”


All three go on home and put up the tree,

Whilst discussing who they think the villain might be.

And hiding ‘tween the branches paying heed to their hardship,

Is none other than Pascal the wickedest Parsnip!





Pascal waits patient ‘till all fall asleep,

Then out of the tinselly branches does creep,

He knocks off the baubles and tears down the lights

Hoping this will cause Kevin and Teds’ quite a fright!


Ted wakes up shouting, “Oh dear! Look at me!”

I seem to have turned into the Christmassy tree!”

Miss Teddy and Kevin’s mouths both drop ajar,

For this has now gone beyond a chocolatey war.


"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

Take us to Santa cos this problem needs fixing!

In a jingle-bell sleigh they flew through the skies,

Looking very much forward to Christmas mince pies!


Said Santa, “I’ll help you but you must help me,

And become little elves number 1,2 and 3,

Off to the workshop, get making some toys,

for all of those well behaved nice girls and boys!”


They worked very hard in a manner most pleasant,

That Santa rewarded them three with a present,

All wrapped up with with paper and colourful twining,

That they could rip open first thing in the morning.


Ted woke up Miss Teddy cos he couldn’t wait,

Even though it was only a quarter to eight.

And once they had all torn their paper away,

Twas A Christmas jumper each for this special day!


They went to thank Santa and sat on his knee,

And he told them he’d uncovered the sweet mystery,

That he knew from the start who had been to blame,

And somebody’s face went as red as a flame…


It was Ted all along who’d scoffed all the choccies,

Because eating a lot was one of his hobbies,

Santa said it was naughty for him to tell lies,

And he must go to Miss Teddy and apologise.


This adventure, he thought had made it quite clear,

Good friends are something you want to hold dear,

So with elves and some magic and a shake of a hand.

Ted gifted Miss Teddy with her own chocolate brand!