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Dali and Me

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Hi, welcome to Miss Teddy’s blog

Dali and Me


When I first started working with mummy on Miss Teddy and bringing lots of exciting clothes and accessories to my doggy friends all over the world I soon found that the best bit of having to work hard every day is all the new friends I’ve got to make!

One of my most special friends is the beautiful Dali. Sadly Dali passed away some time ago but his fur mummy is a super special and wonderful person who keeps Dali’s memory alive by drawing beautiful pictures of him. She’s even won some amazing awards and everything!

One of the highlights on my week is seeing Dali & Friends Friday which is where Dali’s mummy draws one of Dali’s friends with Dali in a lovely sketch and even shows you the clever process on video!

I’ve followed Dali on Instagram for ages now at @dalithepoodle and I know she’d love it if you did too! I always wished I could be one of Dali’s Friday Friends and a couple of week ago I got an amazing surprise when I was tagged in the below image


Just look how super cute we look together and Dali’s mummy has even drawn me with one of my favourite Swarovski bows on! I cannot tell you how much I love it and how much I love Dali and his mum.

You should follow Dali on @dalithepoodle and see just how wonderful they both are.