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Hi, welcome to Miss Teddy’s blog

Treat Your Pup for National Dog Day


National Dog Day is the perfect excuse to pamper our pups, and what better way to treat them then with some extra cuddles, gifts, or even homemade ‘pup treats’.

There’s now dog-friendly, non-alcoholic beer and wine that allows you and four-legged friend to kick back and relax. This way they don’t have to feel left out when you’re indulging in your favourite beverage.

If you’re looking to get them a present, why not gift them some luxury accessories, such as a cute bandana or a glitter dog lead. A pet teepee is another thoughtful present for those doggies who prefer having a small cosy space to call their own at home.

Making homemade snacks is also a great way to show your appreciation for your pup. Peanut butter and carrot ‘pupcakes’ are easy to make and perfect treats for the dog who loves peanut butter. Follow the recipe below to make six scrumptious cakes but remember to not overfeed your pooch!

For more inspiration on pampering your pet, our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have created a guide packed with ideas for appreciating our furry friends.

Let us introduce the Barrie....


Recently, in collaboration with @bangersandmash on Instagram we designed two new fabulous bandanas to support the War Paws charity which War Paws was created to provide a voice and make the difference for the forgotten animals of war. We feel that the only way to make the difference that is needed is not to just try and remove the animals from war zones and areas of civil conflict, but instead, we aim to provide education for the local populations, provide information and encouragement on better animal welfare and animal husbandry and to promote happy and healthy ownership of animals. You can learn more about War Paws HERE

Our new charity partnership bandanas come in either pink or green camo material and can be made with or without a little crystal paw… and the best part? For every one sold we will donate 15% of the money to War Paws to help with the fabulous work they do.

These cute bandanas have gone live on our website today and you can shop by clicking HERE (link to bandanas)

WarPaws Header.png

Dali and Me


When I first started working with mummy on Miss Teddy and bringing lots of exciting clothes and accessories to my doggy friends all over the world I soon found that the best bit of having to work hard every day is all the new friends I’ve got to make!

One of my most special friends is the beautiful Dali. Sadly Dali passed away some time ago but his fur mummy is a super special and wonderful person who keeps Dali’s memory alive by drawing beautiful pictures of him. She’s even won some amazing awards and everything!

One of the highlights on my week is seeing Dali & Friends Friday which is where Dali’s mummy draws one of Dali’s friends with Dali in a lovely sketch and even shows you the clever process on video!

I’ve followed Dali on Instagram for ages now at @dalithepoodle and I know she’d love it if you did too! I always wished I could be one of Dali’s Friday Friends and a couple of week ago I got an amazing surprise when I was tagged in the below image


Just look how super cute we look together and Dali’s mummy has even drawn me with one of my favourite Swarovski bows on! I cannot tell you how much I love it and how much I love Dali and his mum.

You should follow Dali on @dalithepoodle and see just how wonderful they both are.

My Playdate with Chewie!


I think I’ve told you before how much I love meeting new people (and dogs of course) and getting out and about on my adventures. Well nothing could make me happier than having friends over for a play date.

Recently I had Chewie the Wookie over to play and we had so so much fun- trying on different outfits and setting up different photographs – I think you’ll see by looking at some of the images how much fun we had and what a great pair we make!

Chewie is one of my best friends and I hope he comes round to play again soon!

Chewie Playdate Blog.png

London Dog Week


At Miss Teddy HQ we are super proud of the work we do to create amazing outfits and find the nicest accessories. We were especially excited when London Dog Week asked us to design a range specifically for them that could be used on the dog-walk to drive everyone barking mad! We worked with the fab team at LDW and a range of exciting pups and their furry parents to create a collection of products that really showcase exactly what Miss Teddy stands for – beautiful quality, luxurious products all handmade here in the UK.

The range we created was designed entirely in house by our amazing designer and tried, tested and put together by our seamstress. We wanted to put together items that we different to what we already offered at Miss Teddy but that we knew people would love. To that end we created some brand new things: Beautiful girly dresses in a marbled velvet; cosy gilets in bright cords and denim with faux fur trim; a funky and fun hoody in a crazy animal print; and super comfy pyjamas for every pooch.

And as the showstopper piece to close the show we designed an amazing occasion wear dress for Miss Teddy that we are proud to be selling as part of our Swarosvki embellished range.  

We had so much fun on the day and we were bowled over by the comments and feedback we received on our whole range. Each and every one of the products we designed are now available to purchase on our website and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Crufts 2019


Working gun dog, toy type or terrier,

Utility or hound dog, the more the merrier,

Whatever your breed be it smart or scruff,

You’re sure to be spotted at top dog Crufts!

There is nothing we love more at Miss Teddy than getting out and about and meeting new people (and more importantly their furry friends) so we were really happy to visit Crufts 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham.

We got the chance to meet lots of friends that we’d only previously met online for lots of cuddles and chatter and on top of all of that we got to spread the word about Miss Teddy and what we offer fur parents and their pampered pets.

We loved watching the shows and seeing all the different dogs strutting their stuff in the arena and then on our walkies round we bumped into so many friends old and new.

Have a look at the photos of our day and hopefully you’re looking forward to Crufts 2020 as much as we are!!

Crufts Montage.png

Making New Friends


I love learning about new things so much – especially if it means I can get out and make new friends. Recently I met some new people for some different reasons…

Firstly there were the cute birds in my mummy’s garden when I was trying to work out what this bird cage craze was all about. They were super nice but it was hard to make conversation with the blindfold on!


Then there were the adorable squirrels on National Squirrel Day when I was finding out so many super facts about fluffy tree climbers – did you know that there are over 200 species of squirrel… that just nuts!


And I also got inspired when I was hanging out with my friend Polar Bear – she always wears a crown because she’s such a princess and that meant that Ithought I’d give away a pretty tutu and matching crown to one of my lucky followers!

Polar Bear.jpg

Life can be so exciting when you make new friends!

It's been busy here!


Ever since Christmas mummy and I have been thinking about what new things we can bring your from Miss Teddy HQ. I love all the things that are on my website and I love playing dress up but I’m always looking for something new that we can do throughout the year.

Working with Lynn who is our inhouse seamstress I got all tangled up in the tape measure trying to make some new, pretty pieces just for my friends to buy!

I honestly can’t wait to show you all of the things we’ve been working on – you’ll be the first to see them as they pop up on social media and on the website but the first thing we’ll be revealing is our gorgeous new range for valentines day available from the end of January.

So keep an eye on my pages on Facebook and Instagram and on the website as I start to show off the brand new lines for 2019!!

working hard.jpg

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas


Nothing packs a punch like a pooch jumping out of a box!  Especially if it’s a beautiful Maltipoo like me!  I mean really, what gift could be better than that? Aside from something desirable from the the top fashion houses to slip into, there is nothing more delightful than the patter of tiny paws and the smell of a puppy to make you jump about in delight.  That can make you more gaga than the three glasses of sherry you had for your Christmas Day breakfast. Shhh… I won’t tell anyone!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s very easy to think of giving a pet as gift for Christmas because our defences are down:  we are more pliable and forgiving due to the nostalgia that the Christmas period brings about.  We want to please people and make them happy; maybe if you’ve a child who has been pleading for a dog all year you’re more inclined to give in because the act of making wishes come true seems magical. Perhaps you’ve an older relative who is lonely and you think they would relish a loveable companion. Or, you just think that a dog would complete your situation and/or family, creating the picture box perfect.  Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more and it tells the recipient that you were thinking about them and Yuletide is a time when fluffy buddies seem to be the perfect present.



That’s At Least Ten Years And Not Ten Minutes

We’ve all heard this well known phrase which has been used by the Dog’s Trust and been promoting pet issues around the festive season since 1978.

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” was created by Clarissa Baldwin, the then-Chief Executive of The National Canine Defence League all the way back in the seventies.  Some 40 years ago dog ownership and responsibility was a very different ball game (excuse the pun) and buying a dog from a shop there and then was easy.  No background checks were made to consider suitability and there wasn’t the readily available information that we have today on how to care for an animal.

During the 70’s and 80’s, dog rescue centres and rehoming shelters would see a dramatic rise in the amount of dogs that adopted into new homes during December, and then an increased peak in the number of dogs returned in January - March.  Whilst those numbers have decreased since promoting awareness there are still those that succumb to the notion that a ‘dog-in-a-box’ will make the most wonderful gift. 


Commitment to the Cur!

Whilst owning a dog is the most wonderful thing don’t for one second think it’s easy going.  Dogs take a lot of training and hours of commitment along with a great deal of responsibility on your part. Whilst it might seem very cute and adorable to open a box with a heart melting pup inside, that dog is going to need an awful lot of your time.

What can I say? We’re a needy creature!

Are you ready to have accidental puddles on your carpet, your new favourite shoes used a chew toy and still keep your patience?

Can you afford the initial vet bills for boosters and training classes?  And, don’t just think that there’s an initial cost and then it’s just a few quid here and there: a dog typically costs between £21,000 - £33,000 over a lifetime of about ten years.

Have you considered that the breed is suitable for your lifestyle? Are you able to exercise it enough? Do you work full time, and if so, can you pay for someone to look after your dog when you’re not there?

There are a plethora of things to consider before taking the leap of commitment and particularly not making that judgement call for somebody else.

Along with the joy of owning a pet comes a lot of stress, hard work and  considerable time and effort. 


Points Make Prizes

Now that I’ve made my pooch point on being a responsible dog owner I’d like to talk about other kinds of presents. I can’t wait to get some of my beautiful things to wear and I hope you have something special coming to you from the Miss Teddy Range!  And, just because I don’t want any of my furry friends to miss out, I will be giving a 20% discount on Boxing Day so be sure to visit my online store!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to sharing 2019 with all of you too!  

Miss Teddy x

The Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!


Watch Miss Teddy reciting the whole exciting adventure HERE or read below to find out all about the Mystery of the Missing Christmas Chocolates!

An advent calendar for two friends to share,

One go for Miss Teddy and her pal Ted the bear.

Miss Teddy is gracious, giving Ted the first window,

And his eyes light up with a chocolatey-yum glow!


And now it’s the 2nd and Miss Teddy’s day!

She opens the window and to her dismay,

Finds the chocolate is missing when it should be hers,

Is this a mistake? Or something much worse?


When they open up 3 they find just the same,

Is this some kind of prank or pitiful game?

Where is the chocolate that should be right here?

Has the Grinch gone and stole it with Christmassy cheer?


After some thinking who might be the the culprit,

The pair both decide it’s the other ‘whodunit’.

They both have a fall-out, some huffs and some sniffing,

Both very upset that their chocolates are missing!


Miss Teddy decides they must surely enlist,

The help of the man with the true Christmas list.

She tells the whole story to dear Santa Claus,

Who says he will try and help with their cause.


Miss Teddy and Ted both make amends,

Because chocolate is not as important as friends.

So off they both trot to the big Aldi shop,

To replace their choc advent calendar box.


And then right between the peppers and shallots,

Up jumped a veggie called Kevin the Carrot,

Saying, “Santa has called me and told of your grief,

And I’m here to help capture your chocolatey thief!”


All three go on home and put up the tree,

Whilst discussing who they think the villain might be.

And hiding ‘tween the branches paying heed to their hardship,

Is none other than Pascal the wickedest Parsnip!





Pascal waits patient ‘till all fall asleep,

Then out of the tinselly branches does creep,

He knocks off the baubles and tears down the lights

Hoping this will cause Kevin and Teds’ quite a fright!


Ted wakes up shouting, “Oh dear! Look at me!”

I seem to have turned into the Christmassy tree!”

Miss Teddy and Kevin’s mouths both drop ajar,

For this has now gone beyond a chocolatey war.


"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

Take us to Santa cos this problem needs fixing!

In a jingle-bell sleigh they flew through the skies,

Looking very much forward to Christmas mince pies!


Said Santa, “I’ll help you but you must help me,

And become little elves number 1,2 and 3,

Off to the workshop, get making some toys,

for all of those well behaved nice girls and boys!”


They worked very hard in a manner most pleasant,

That Santa rewarded them three with a present,

All wrapped up with with paper and colourful twining,

That they could rip open first thing in the morning.


Ted woke up Miss Teddy cos he couldn’t wait,

Even though it was only a quarter to eight.

And once they had all torn their paper away,

Twas A Christmas jumper each for this special day!


They went to thank Santa and sat on his knee,

And he told them he’d uncovered the sweet mystery,

That he knew from the start who had been to blame,

And somebody’s face went as red as a flame…


It was Ted all along who’d scoffed all the choccies,

Because eating a lot was one of his hobbies,

Santa said it was naughty for him to tell lies,

And he must go to Miss Teddy and apologise.


This adventure, he thought had made it quite clear,

Good friends are something you want to hold dear,

So with elves and some magic and a shake of a hand.

Ted gifted Miss Teddy with her own chocolate brand!


A Pretty Happy Thanksgiving


teddy thanksgiving.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Now aside from all the feasting, football and family frolics, let me make sure you’re up to speed with “What To Wear”  for the start of this Thanksgiving holiday period. 

What’s tending right now on the dog-walk are chunky hand knits and metallic jackets.  It’s a good job I’ve got my paws on the pulse this season as you can find both these items for sale on the Miss Teddy website!  Just ensure that your human is also on fashion point!


We Reap What We Sew 

Which is why my togs for dogs are always stitched to perfection!

However, there’s never a truer sentence than that and it’s always good to know that you’ve put your best foot forward in the world in everything you do because what goes around comes around  and you don’t want karma running over your dogma! 

Thanksgiving started way back in the 1600’s when the Pilgrims from England sailed over on the Mayflower to America and feasted on their harvest with the local natives.  It’s now evolved into a holiday time for sharing, caring and counting our blessings along with a good old Thanksgiving dinner of roast turkey and pumpkin pie.  

When it comes to your doggy sharing this feast with you I have found some fabulous homemade nutritious treats you can make from turkey and sweet potato to pumpkin that are safe and scrumptious for your little scamp.  Be sure to take a look at these fabulous videos which will give you step by step instructions on how to cater for your canine at Thanksgiving.


Eye Can Take You To Happiness 

Looking after your pooch keeps their tail wagging but in turn your little fluff ball is doing more for you than you might imagine.  A study back in 2009 by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan, found that a persons level of oxytocin was dramatically increased after interacting with their four legged friend.  And, the only interaction was to stare longingly into their eyes! Those who stared for longest received a bigger dose of oxytocin and took their happy feelings into orbit! 

Though dogs come from wolves they are different in that they are willing to make eye contact which separates them from their ancestors.  So, stare away with your little tyke and be thankful for the bond a man and his best friend share with each other this Thanksgiving.


I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty! 


But, here’s another thing to be grateful for:  It is scientifically proven that a dog makes you more attractive.  Now, I can understand that if you’re walking me in all my Miss Teddy finery because I’m Maltipoo gorgeous!  According to a study conducted by The Dogs Trust,  the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, owning a dog makes you far more attractive to the opposite sex! 

Time to forget Tinder and Bumble and all other manner of dating sites and get back to basics. Dress your doggy in a gorgeous gilet, matching collar and lead, and get yourself walking on the local park!  Not only can you be thankful for the fresh air and toned body you’re going to get, but you might just meet your hearts desire! Grrrr! 

Right, I must get back to black and prepare for the shopping spree sale!

Have a great Thanksgiving Thursday and be sure to check out our fabulous Black Friday deals tomorrow at the Miss Teddy website.



Miss Teddy x

Remembering Man and His Best Friend


“In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.”

Today we show our respect and remembrance of those who fought and lost their lives in the First World War which lasted from 28th July 1914 to 11th of November 1918. 

And this day ~ November 11th 2018 ~ marks a hundred years of the end of the Great War.


In Flanders Field

Wearing your poppy is seen as a symbol of respect to remember those who have given their lives in war.  Poppies were seen all over the battlefields after World War One ended and thus became the flower to represent those who fought and died on behalf of their country.


Front-line Canine

Up to 20,000 dogs were trained for front-line duties in World War One. Dogs had many roles to play from sniffing out the enemy, passing messages between the lines and carrying aid to wounded soldiers. The most common breeds used were the Border Collie, Lurchers, English Sheepdogs, Retrievers and the all - rounder mongrel. Many Dobermans were deployed as sentry dogs and trained to find injured soldiers on the battlefield. The Airedale Terrier was the most commonly used hound by the British.


A Shout Out to The Animal World

Over 16 million animals served in the First World war: Pack mules, donkeys and horses were used to carry supplies such as medical packs, food, ammunition and water. Even camels!  A great film on this subject being the tear-jerking movie, War Horse’, a must watch for any animal lover.

Our feathered friends also did their part such as carrier pigeons sending messages - (32 of which were awarded the Dickin Medal for their bravery)  and canaries were used for detecting poisonous gasses.


Sergeant Stubby

Seargent Stubby.jpg


This cute looking American Pit Bull Terrier was the only war dog to be given the title of sergeant for his efforts, loyalty and heroic acts. He was a stray dog that was found in 1917 and smuggled to France during World War 1 by Corporal. John Robert Conroy.

Stubby participated in 17 battles, four offences, warned his unit of incoming fire, gas attacks, and even located and apprehended a German spy in the trenches!

One of the most heartwarming stories heard of military K-9 heroism is that of a dog from Scotland.  He travelled 12000 feet through mud, crevices and the rain filled craters of the Western front delivering a message to HQ in less than an hour.  Despite being shot twice he completed the mission and died afterwards.

The skill and courage of these types of dogs is outstanding and how they served a very important purpose in conveying vital messages when all other communication had failed.

Let us all be mindful today of the acts of heroism, the call of of duty, the sacrifice and loss of lives of those who fought for us in order that we can live with the freedom that we do today.


Lest We Forget.

Poppy Teddy.JPG



Doggy Talks On Guy Fawkes


teddy fireworks_Moment.jpg


“Remember, remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

You must see the reason,

This loud banging season,

Makes us doggies start barking a lot!”

Before I start yapping about Bonfire Night, let me first make sure you’re kitted out for the event because whether you like fireworks or not, its important to be the dazzler of the moment that bangs into the party like a sky rocket of stars.  

Knitwear is trending for this fall so get your chunky jumpers on, neck warming bandanas, fur gilet’s and your 70’s shades of brown because being earthy will get you the lick of approval from the trendsetters.


Ear We Go Again

Did you know that 40% of dogs are frightened of fireworks and the loud noise they make? Some of us have very sensitive ears because us hounds can hear things from 80 feet away as opposed to a human who can only hear things 20 feet away! Yes, don’t whisper behind our backs because we will hear you!

We also hear noises at a higher frequency so imagine how it sounds to us when all these bangs and whizzes are going on from all the parties we can hear! 

I had a chat with Collie the Counsellor and she gave me some advice for getting through the next few days without too much stress.

More water: Us dogs get thirstier the more anxious we get, so, just like you humans reach for a gin and tonic when you’re uptight, we go to our bowl of water. 

Keeping calm: Ensure our favourite snuggles, blankets, Teddy Teepee or sleeping bag are readily available for instant comfort. Covers always provide a sense of calm no matter who you are. Another remedy is to use a scarf or blanket called an “anxiety wrap”, though here at Miss Teddy, we use our designer sling to keep your baby close and cocooned; it works a treat for a pooch in need of pampering and protection.

Not that I’m one to get vocal or anything, but…


Sing It To Me One More Time

A study by the Scottish SPCA found that music has a very calming effect on dogs and decreases their stress levels.

Classical music, soft rock and reggae showing the highest possible changes in your dogs stress levels when played from your portable speakers. If you don’t have a readily available playlist then these can be found on YouTube, and here at Miss Teddy we’ve suggested a few of our favourites.

Feel free to make your own suggestions and let us know, but here’s my Maltipoo Melody Medley:

1: Doggy Dog World ~ Snoop Dogg ft Tha Dogg Pound

2: Hound Dog ~ Elvis Presley

3: Who Let the Dogs Out? ~ The Baha Men

4: I Love My Dog ~ Cat Stevens

5: Three Little Birds ~ Bob Marley and The Wailers

Distract yourself with a bit of dancing, is what I say. 

Work Up An Appetite

Bonfire Night food when it’s sizzling on the BBQ is enough to get our chops salivating but a hot dog for a hot-diggity-dog is far from good.

Many hot dogs contain ingredients that are not good for us, such as sodium, sugars and artificial sweeteners. Hot dogs also contain seasonings, such as garlic and onion powder, and garlic and onions are toxic to dogs if they eat too much.

Salt is the main issue though.

 “According to the National Academy of Sciences, a dog weighing 33 pounds only needs 200 milligrams of sodium per day. The average hot dog contains more than 500 mg of sodium, so feeding your dog only one-half of a hot dog would probably put him way over his daily sodium limit.”

This can also lead to dehydration and high blood pressure because they contain so many added ingredients that are not healthy for dogs. So, whilst we might be licking our lips and giving you a puppy eyed look that makes you want to drop us a bit of your bonfire tucker… Don’t! The best BBQ treat you can give to a canine is a some plain chicken, beef or pork sans seasoning or salt!

Stay safe out there and don’t forget to sparkle!


Miss Teddy x

A Pooch Spin On Pumpkin



Trick or Treat?

I am the treat, darling!  So, on this “Hallows Eve” I have decided to share a few tricks with you my little pumpkins!

Truth be told, I’ve always been a bit of a fan of this winter squash. Primarily, because I just adore the colour orange - It’s a wardrobe ‘must have’ colour for spicing up an autumnal look and not going straight from dynamite to dreary. Maybe orange is the new black! 

And, this season, after a summer of “yes you look yummy” yellows, we will be witnessing a more burnt and earthy kind of orange which has “Hello, pumpkin squash” written all over it!  If that doesn’t have every Jack-o-lantern casting envious looks your way, then nothing will.


Food For Thought

As Glam Pooch of the Moment, I’m all about eating the right food so I look exquisite in my glamorous gowns; a girl has to look her best and shine from the inside out when in front of her adoring public and healthy eating is where it all starts. The only Goblin I want to see on Halloween is me gobbling on a tasty and beneficial pumpkin dish.

We all know about the delights of pumpkin pie and and a warming pumpkin soup but this squashedible fruit has exceptional benefits: It is high in vitamin A and C and antioxidants that fight off disease and boost immunity.  Get the Pow-Wow in your Bow-Wow!


Listen to the Experts

Like me! But the top producing squash grower, Sarah Frey who is known as the “pumpkin queen of America”, grows more pumpkins than anyone and her message is “cook not carve!” Think beyond the Jack o’ lantern and get into the kitchen with your squashes.

And waste not, want not, because every single part of a pumpkin is edible: the skin, leaves, flowers, pulp, seeds, and even the stem!  Roasted pumpkin seeds are great toasted and salted and used as a snack or added to breads or to garnish dishes.


It’s A Dogs Dinner!

Not only that, but pumpkin is very dog friendly!  Canned pumpkin is often recommended by vets as a dietary supplement for canines that are experiencing certain digestive ailments such as constipation, diarrhoea or hairballs!  Back in the old days, herbalists would use pumpkin remedies to rid you of worms!

I like to eat it pre cooked and mashed up with natural yoghurt and stuffed inside a Kong toy. This is wonderful to snack on whilst I’m reading my glossy magazines or watching Hollywood Hounds.  As an in-between-meals treat, dice it, bake it, cool it and doggy bag it up in your fridge for a bite sized binge beater.


Fur Mummies

It’s a well known fact that’ “If Mummy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”, and we have to look after our pet people. There’s a pumpkin pie recipe out there that takes it to the next level when it comes to human deliciousness and that is adding the well known and loved tipple, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, to your pumpkin pie.  Warm the cockles of your humans heart and keep them smiling with this just dessert.   

Right, I must go and finish my Teddy pumpkin Pie before it turns into a carriage and whisks me off to a Halloween ball!  Be careful out there, and remember, dress it up!

Miss Teddy xx


Something for every dog


Miss Teddy has something for every type of dog, we’re not just all about the Glam Girls…

Miss Teddy started as a brand for pretty princess pups but we know that not every pooch is a glamour pup and here at Miss Teddy we recognise that there’s a niche for each dog on the block and that’s why we have six different categories in our range to work with every kind of dog breed and canine personality.  Whilst one might look cute in a Swarovski choker, that isn’t going to suit the city stylish broker who’s look is a more streamlined street smart.  The City Dog is its own kind of breed with an about town style and panache that is urbanised to the environment and suiting dogs of all sizes from small to large.

Our Country Cousins are another walk aside as they have the freedom of the land and a style that is akin to nature and warmth so durability and the country vibe are needed in this hounds field. The dog-eared dingo might find himself better suited to the hippy in his hoppity and we wouldn’t want to put a block on his Woodstock!  So power to the flower and bring in the pink to our Friends of Dogothy who we want to see marching their muttley pride.  Whatever your dog’s desire, even from a new pup trying to find their way to walk on the styled side, we have something for every K-9 on the corner.

A Sunday Well Spent


One of my favourite sayings is ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ which is why I love spending my Sunday’s wrapped up in my amazing super soft towel and just chilling out.

This last week was a super busy one, first of all I went back to school for the new year – and although I think I look super cute in my uniform and my glasses I was dog tired by the end of that first lng week.

Thankfully Friday was a non-uniform day and I could try out my new outfit to celebrate the start of Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC – an amazing tutu studded with sparkles… and if you know anything about me as a glam pooch you’ll know I love to sparkle!

So Saturday saw me having a bubble bath and relaxing and then Sunday saw me unwinding even more. Just need to get on and sort my blowdry out so I’m ready and raring to go for next week; where I’ll be taking another walk on the styed side.

Strictly between Us


Strictly between us but I wanted to let you in on my pampering secrets…

I cannot tell you how barking mad with excitement I am about the new series of Strictly Come Dancing starting soon- I love the dresses and sparkles and just thinking about getting my cha-cha on inspired me to get a makeover!

As far as I’m concerned the most important accessory a paw-fect pooch can have is confidence but it doesn’t hurt to have a little pamper and bling too!!

So all ready to get foxy-to-trot I checked in to XXX Salon to have the most awesome pamper and make sure I looked my best.

From the rollers to the back massage this service was everything a pampered pooch could want and I felt on cloud nine as I quickstepped my way to the mirror for the big reveal...

In my waltz-perfect tutu with super soft locks I looked dance floor ready and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a perfect 10 from me!

If you wanted to look at cute as me you can shop for a matching tutu on my website at

Picnic Pooch

Skylight Media

Miss Teddy - Teddy's Adventures 2.png


If you go down to the river today, you’re sure of a big surprise,

Cos taking a walk on the styled side, pretty Miss Teddy’s been spied.

Enjoying a picnic with plenty of fizz, eating her cakes and looking the biz!

There is nothing I love more than showing off my sparkly accessories in the sunshine and what better way to do that than at a riverside picnic! Now I’ll admit that with all this beautiful sunshine I’ve been getting a little hot under the collar lately so the gentle breeze by the water was an utterly perfect way to paws and reflect.

I took along my pink gingham blanket and my amazing softest, fluffiest pink throw from my own range (just in case it got a bit nippy!) Then with my picnic basket packed with doggy treats I headed off to the riverside. Look how peaceful it looked in the photo, relaxing in the peace and quiet.

All that I need now is my Prince Charming to be here too whining and dining me!