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A luxury range of dog clothing and accessories

Did You Know?

Made in Great Britain

“Keep Calm and know that we’ve got this”

We tried and we tested and in the best we invested. Great Britain is known for its Great style when it comes to fashion and all products under the “Miss Teddy” label are made to specific, unique designs using a team of only the best home working professionals in the UK.

Home grown quality and collaboration at every wag of the tail.

We outsparkle

"If you want it then you shoulda put some bling on it!”

When it comes to shiny you better put your sunglasses on because we take bling-bling to the pinnacle of excellence. Embellished with Swarovski®  crystal, only the finest of their products adorn our glam pooch products from tutu’s to crystal embedded letters because when Miss Teddy puts her name on something, she gets her shine on does it with style.

Let’s play Fetch

“From the the runway to the front door”

One press of a button or click of a mouse, whatever you want, can come to your house.

Miss Teddy offers worldwide shipping on all products so whichever corner of the globe you live in, we can make your doggy day delivery.